We are delighted to announce that FRAMING GAYS IN THE MILITARY (2012) has been selected for the upcoming POINT OF NO RETURN show at Southern Exposure gallery in San Francisco. More than 600 artworks were submitted and 46 of them were selected. The show is curated by Hesse McGraw.

Here's the full description

Opening Reception: Friday, December 7, 2012, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Exhibition Dates: December 7 - 20, 2012

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 12:00 - 6:00 pm

This Friday December 7th, Southern Exposure hosts the opening reception for Point of No Return, our annual Entry-Fee Free Juried Exhibition. We invite you to join us to meet the artists. This year we received 600 entries and 46 artists were selected for the exhibition.

Announcing Point of No Return Artists:

  • Jordan Bickett
  • Fatema Abdoolcarim
  • Shay Arick
  • Stacy Asher
  • Megan Atherton
  • Nicolaus Chaffin
  • Takming Chuang
  • Coll.eo
  • Katey Crews
  • Melissa Dickenson
  • J.R. Doty
  • Mary Fitzgerald
  • Bernadette Jiyong Frank
  • Joe Glasco
  • Daniel Green
  • Adrienne Heloise
  • Helga Hizer
  • Robert Howard
  • Kelly Lynn Jones
  • David Kim
  • Ian Kimmerly
  • Laura Arminda Kingsley
  • Lex Kosieradzki
  • Sarah Loomis
  • Lindsey Lyons
  • Darrin Martin
  • Anne McGuire
  • Erin Mitchell
  • Pamela Mooney
  • Mitsu Okubo
  • Michael Pauker
  • Byron Peters
  • Joshua Pieper
  • Tim Pinault
  • Andrea Roelandt
  • Andrew L. Rogers
  • Charlie Callahan and Cory Stafford
  • John Steck Jr.
  • Joseph Thomas
  • Chris Thorson
  • Alberto Toscano
  • Stephanie D. Wallace
  • Kyle H. Welch
  • Jacob Wick
  • Calder Yates
  • Jin Zhu

Point of No Return is a juried exhibition of artwork by Northern California's artists. Southern Exposure's juried exhibition has become an important showcase of contemporary artwork by promising local talent. Each year a different theme is selected to inspire and encourage a broad level of artistic expression. This year's forward-looking theme, Point of No Return, encouraged submissions by artists who are singularly invested in their practice, who have no intention of returning, who are, in a sense, defiantly themselves.

Over the course of two days, over 600 Northern Californian artists entered their work in person, attesting to the extreme popularity of the show. The final 46 pieces were selected by juror, Hesse McGraw, who made his decisions by blind process. 

The gallery is located at 3030 20th Street @ Alabama San Francisco, CA 94110