We are delighted to announce that CONCRETE PRESS has just released a new book, Grand Theft Samo, a catalog documenting our eponymous 2014 project comprising an artistic mod, a series of in-game performances, a set of videos (machinima), a collection of screengrabs and digital prints. The book includes a gallery of SAMO's graffiti, never seen before images from SAMO IS DEAD, a machinima created by COLL.EO, a critical essay by Morgan Rachel Levy, and an introduction by the artists.

The second of a series of interventions in Grand Theft Auto IV by COLL.EO that also includes Grand Theft Vito (2013), Following Bit (2013), and Arthur Rimbaud in Liberty City (2015), Grand Theft Samo puts the player in the streets of a fictional New York under the guise of a virtual Jean-Michel Basquiat. Additionally, COLL.EO has faithfully reproduced several SAMO's graffiti and embedded them on the walls of Liberty City, replacing the existing ones.

Grand Theft Samo is available in a limited edition of 99.

You can purchase your copy here. 

Here is a sneak preview