Today, May 5, 2014 we are introducing our latest body of work, Oro en Paz Y Fierro en Guerra.

Oro en Paz y Fierro en Guerra consists of two sets of layouts made of wood, plexiglass, paint, miniatures, and metal die-cast shuttle buses and cars. The artworks are titled A whole generation with a new explanation, People in motion, Such a strange vibration and For those who come.

The layouts exist in two configurations:

14 x 10 x 8 inches  (L x H x W)

35 x 10 x 8 inches  (L x H x W)

We also made four videos whose soundtrack consists of statements included in a leaked memo by the Google Transportation Team to their employees  (source: TechCrunch, January 20, 2014). 

COLL.EO.  Such a Strange Vibration , 2014

COLL.EO. Such a Strange Vibration, 2014

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Gentrification refers to the changes that happen in an individual neighborhood, usually the replacement of poorer minority residents by more affluent white ones. Demographic inversion is something much broader. It is the rearrangement of living patterns across an entire metropolitan area, all taking place at roughly the same time. [...] A closer look at the results shows that the most powerful demographic events of the past decade were the movement of African Americans out of central cities (180,000 of them in Chicago alone) and the settlement of immigrant groups in suburbs, often ones many miles distant from downtown. [...] WHAT WOULD an American city in the full grip of demographic inversion actually look like? In one plausible scenario, it would look like many of the European capitals of the 1890s: an affluent and stylish urban core surrounded by poorer people and an immigrant working class on the periphery. (Alan Ehrenhalt, The Great Inversion and the Future of the American City, 2012)