Our latest project, City Blocks, is now live.

COLL.EO, City Blocks, 2014

COLL.EO, City Blocks, 2014

City Blocks is a puzzle game that can be played by single or multiple players. A toy that promotes imagination and interaction, stimulation and entertainment, City Blocks invites players of all ages to engage with 6 solid wood cubes to recreate 6 different scenes set in San Francisco, California from COLL.EO's A New American Dream (2014).

The City Blocks puzzle helps develop basic motor skills as well as pattern recognition. These colorful, chunky wooden cube pieces give the increasingly puzzling city of San Francisco great replayability and durability anyone can count on. City Blocks is entertaining, stimulating, and fun.

Spend some time with these urban puzzles, which can also be used as building - or re-building - blocks!

Can you solve the puzzle of San Francisco?

Please note that City Blocks is suitable for all ages, but not for all incomes. 

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