Coll.eo is one of the featured artists in the ongoing exhibition GAMES REFLEXIONS (October 18 - November 2013), curated by Isabelle Arvers, which is taking place at Le Carreau, the Center for Contemporary Art in Cergy, France.

The exhibition focuses on the intriguing interplay between reality and simulation. The main theme is the self-referentiality of ludic practices. Other contributors to GAMES REFLEXIONS include Harun Farocki, Robert Overweg, Pierre Giner, David Calvo, and several other international artists.

Coll.eo will be presenting CARJACKED (2012). This event marks the first public showing of the entire project (CARJACKED was previously displayed, as a set of prints, at Vector Game + Art Convergence in Toronto, Canada in February 2013 and several videos are available on

Isabelle Arvers, the main curator, discusses the idea behind the exhibition with We-Make-Money-Not-Art's Regine Debatty. It's a terrific conversation. Here's an excerpt: