Photos from the recent exhibition POINT OF NO RETURN show curated by Hesse McGraw.for Southern Exposure gallery in San Francisco are on display here.

Additional information about the show can be found here.

Media coverage:

"The best cultural thermometer in this whirlwind of hype and real dangers may very well be a bunch of San Francisco artists. It’s not scientific at all, and admittedly whimsical, but this underpaid, appropriately irreverent bunch aren’t afraid to confront and investigate the darkest of realities, and present us some very disturbing, imagined ones, too." (Candice Novak, ARTERY)

"Southern Exposure, one of the Mission’s oldest and most diverse nonprofits serving local contemporary artists, unveiled their newest exhibition “Point of No Return” Dec. 7, “Point of No Return” is the latest incarnation of SoEx’s annual, juried, non-fee exhibition and features 46 pieces by local artists in every visual medium. “The work in the show is really very broad,” said SoEx projects director Valerie Imus. “The point of the jury show is really to take the temperature of work happening in Northern California.”" (Adam L. BrinkLow, San Francisco's Examiner)