intervallo (2016)

HD video, color, sound, variable length

September 5,  2016


Intervallo - Chapter I, machinima, color & sound, 2016, 3' 30"

Intervallo - Chapter II, machinima, color & sound, 2016, 4' 18"

Intervallo- Chapter III, machinima, color & sound, 2016, 3' 44"

Intervallo - Chapter IV, machinima, color & sound, 2016, 3' 33"


INTERVALLO (literally, Intermission) is a series of short machinima paying tribute to a popular Italian TV program produced by RAI. The videos showcase thematically arranged screenshots of Forza Horizon 2 (Microsoft, 2014) collected by fans, uploaded onto the game server, and subsequently retrieved and edited by the artists. The original Intervallo was an interstitial show meant to fill the gaps between scheduled programming, during unexpected interruptions of live broadcasting, and/or missing satellite feeds. Produced by Italy's national public broadcasting company RAI between the 1960s and 1970s, Intervallo was a photo slideshow accompanied by classical music. The original version, in black and white, depicted a flock of sheep. Later iterations in color featured Italian landscapes, small cities, and/or monuments. The italicized word "intervallo" interspersed the various photographs.