DESCRIPTION: 48 square picture cards, forming 24 matching pairs, each measuring 2.4'' x 2.4'' (60mm x 60mm), and a set of Instructions.

DATE: July 25, 2014

TEXT: City Memory is part of COLL.EO's Instructional Devices series, which includes City Blocks (2014). City Memory is a matching pairs game for players of all ages (but not of all incomes) with easy to understand rules and fascinating images, based on COLL.EO's A New American Dream (2014).

CIty Memory is an enlighting and entertaining card-laying game that brings together players of different social and economic strata. Depicting San Francisco's urban scenes captured by Google robo-cameras between 2009 and 2013 and subsequently made available via Google Street View, City Memory illustrates the evolution - and devolution - of the metropolitan landscape, social mobility vs. physical immobility, and the persistence of wealth inequality in the age of digital reproducibility.