AFTER CARS LAYOUTS consists of six free standing sculptures measuring 11 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches. Each LAYOUT is comprised of a) a digital print from AFTER CARS (2012), synthetic grass, wood, glue, 1960s Leisner Matchbox toy cars, and a steel mini-pole. The term “layout” comes from Philip K. Dick’s story “The Days of Perky Pat” originally published in Amazing magazine (1963). These mini-sets have been described as “staged dreams”, “nostalgic delusions,” and “ballardian fabrications”. We like to think of them as narrative places where the distinction between the real and the fictional converge and collapse. These LAYOUTS offer the viewer hidden glimpses into situations and environments that are at once familiar and foreign. As such, they are both allusions and illusions, virtual realities and concrete possibilities.

February 27, 2013